body treatment

Principles of body treatment: blood

In this article, let us consider information about blood. Try to imagine that blood supplies cells with nutrients 24 hours a day. It should be noted that blood not only delivers vital elements, but also removes metabolic products from cells. Imagine how blood moves through the vessels and realize how many reactions occur in the body every second.

Amazing facts about blood:

  • a quarter of all cells in our body are red blood cells, but most cells are non-human cells (bacteria).
  • one erythrocyte travels throughout the body in 20 seconds and performs a thousand such cycles per day, transporting oxygen to the cells for several months, and then is destroyed by the body’s immune system.

If you are sick, the treatment of the body largely depends on the health of the blood. Sometimes, in order to cure a person, it is necessary to transfuse him with the blood of a healthy person, a blood substitute, or certain blood components. Research shows that blood transfusion is necessary for certain oncological diseases. Unfortunately, this method of treatment is not always effective, sometimes it has to be combined with medical treatment, for example, Clokeran or Genkeran. These medicines are cytostatics, antitumor drugs. They interact with nucleophilic centers of DNA and RNA (especially guanidine bases), forming strong covalent bonds with them, which disrupts DNA replication and damages RNA. Due to this, these drugs are used to treat lymphogranulomatosis, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia, Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia.

There is such a thing as “anti-cancer blood”. If a person eats “anti-cancer” products, his body produces such blood every day. Everyone knows that almost everything that people eat is absorbed and enters the body. The composition of the blood reflects what a person drank, smoked, ate and absorbed in the last few months!

If a person smokes a cigarette and drinks a cup of instant coffee in the morning, and on his lunch break goes to McDonald’s, eats a Big Mac and drinks a Coke, then the blood cells produced that day will contain what is in the cigarettes, instant coffee, Big Mac and Coke. And if we figure out what bigmaks, cigarettes, colas and other harmful foods are made of, then we will understand how many “poisons” people half-consciously (because they don’t do it consciously) eat and what kind of blood will circulate in the veins in the next few months.

So what foods should be eaten so that the blood contains “anti-cancer” substances? Such products include fresh juices, healthy food (fish, eggs, greens, fresh vegetables, fruits and berries, nuts, cereals, potatoes and pasta) and water. Such foods help a person to be healthy and energetic, and also improve sleep, sex, mood and brain functioning. Healthy blood containing useful substances prevents the development of cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and depression. You just need to help the body make such good blood!