Recommendations for strengthening the child’s immunity

Pediatricians incessantly urge parents to treat children’s colds more skeptically, not arranging a universal tragedy out of what is happening. But, unfortunately, not everyone hears them. Many mothers begin to heal the child with all possible drugs that are so actively offered today by advertising or on the Internet. Is it correct? Of course not! After all, any cold is, first of all, a consequence of the wrong actions of the parents.

The efficiency of the human immune system is depending on heredity and exposure to a number of environmental factors. These factors are:

  • Humidity and air temperature;
  • Quantity and quality of food;
  • Level of physical activity.

If the child catches a cold too often, then his parents should think about questions of the type:

  • “Are we feeding him properly?”
  • “Does he have enough rest?”
  • “Is he dressed according to the weather?”

Answers to these questions, converted into a single system, will be able to give a better result in strengthening the child’s immunity than any “magic” advertised pills.

Below are recommendations to help parents achieve their goals.

  1. Provide fresh, humidified, and slightly cool indoor air. Exclude objects that emit “chemical” odors: deodorant, acetone, paint and the like.
  2. Keep order in the children’s room and regularly carry out cleaning. All objects are supposed to be in their places. The child should not be taken toys from the floor to bed. Dust from shelves should be regularly cleaned with a damp cloth.

It will be also very useful to hang a thermometer in the children’s room. With it, it is easier to capture changes in temperature and adjust it to the desired level using an air conditioner or ventilation.

  1. Make sure that your baby’s bedding and underwear are changed regularly. Washing should be done using baby powder and end it with thorough rinsing.
  2. Do not give your child a lot of unusual food (for example, shrimp or oysters). For a small organism, digesting such a dish becomes a whole problem. Also, children should accustom to natural sweets (not containing sucrose). It can be dried fruits, berries or honey.
  3. Dress your baby accordingly to weather. Parents should always remember that a sweated child will get sick faster than a little frozen. And sweat serves as an excellent medium for the reproduction of bacteria.
  4. Strictly monitor the baby’s hygiene. No dirt should accumulate under the nails. After eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly so as not to leave any residues of food.
  5. Play active games and sports in the fresh air. In this case mom and dad are offered a full flight of imagination. This can be a trip to the stadium or training your favorite dog in the park. And it will be wonderful if the parents help the child to visit the sports section. After all, regular physical activity perfectly tempers the young body.
  6. For infants, the best support for immunity is breastfeeding. Breast milk oligosaccharides strengthen the baby’s immune system.