How not to overeat?

So the time has come for the New Year holidays, the tables are full of diverse dishes, and our stomach may pass a real test. If you feel bad due to overeating, then this is not a reason to immediately grab onto pills. Thus, you are trying to solve the consequence, not the cause. It will be much more useful to master some nutritional rules and fix the problem once and for all. We have collected for you the best advice from doctors, nutritionists, psychologists and even yoga trainers on how to properly approach food intake. Following these simple rules, you will help your stomach, intestines and other organs of the digestive tract to better do their work.

Before eating, take 5 minutes to do breathing exercises. Thanks to this simple technique, your nervous system will calm down and be able to tune in to a meal. Particularly it is not desirable to eat when you are experiencing negative emotions. In any case, try not to sit down at the table until you have done breathing exercises. If this does not help, or you experience prolonged tension and stress, use sedatives, such as Relaxedin, because scientists have long proved that most diseases of the gastrointestinal tract are psychosomatic in nature.

For breathing exercises, first find a place where no one will bother you for several minutes. You can close your eyes and start breathing slowly and deeply. With each breathing cycle, try to stretch the time during inhalation and exhalation as much as possible. As a result, you should get to the point where your inhalation and exhalation will be eight seconds. Do not stop there and over time this time will double. In any case, you do not need to chase the indicators, since your goal is to relax and calm your nervous system before eating.

It is important that the digestion process begins even before the food enters the mouth. Your thoughts, the smells of the upcoming lunch prompt the body get ready for a meal. Saliva appears in the mouth, the stomach starts the production of acid and enzymes that promote digestion. When we eat in a hurry, we inevitably miss one of the stages of proper digestion and as a result we get indigestion and other problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

First, look at what you are going to eat, enjoy the smell. Put a small piece in your mouth and thoroughly taste your food. This advice is such a natural and simple thing that doing it will not be difficult for you.

These simple tips will help your body prepare your stomach for work. You need to approach as consciously as possible to your meal!