Six tips to help prevent erectile dysfunction

  1. Exercise regularly.

It is no secret that regular exercise is a prerequisite for good health and good tone. Fitness trainers recommend evening walks of at least half an hour and short jogs in the morning, or, for example, you can walk to work. In addition, you need to visit the gym and the pool at least 3 times a week. Following these recommendations allows you to normalize the balance between “bad” and “good” cholesterol, prevent obesity, hypertension and diabetes. According statistics, physically active men suffer from erectile dysfunction 45% less than those who prefer to spend their free time on the couch.

  1. Blood pressures control.

Problems with blood pressure, which in everyday life is often called hypertension, do not always manifest themselves immediately. For this reason, experts recommend not to neglect regular visits to doctors, even for preventive and diagnostic purposes. Health problems that are detected in time are much easier to fix. Otherwise, in the future may begin to develop a serious illness caused by disorders of the circulatory system. Calcification of blood vessels, loss of elasticity of veins and arteries, as well as thickening of their walls limits the flow of blood to the genitals and promotes the development of impotence.

  1. Healthy diet.

Remember how you felt after celebrating Christmas, New Year’s or even the usual “corporate holiday”, during which the tables were simply overloaded with fatty dishes. Allowing yourself too much at the holiday table, you start to feel serious digestive problems. The body simply cannot cope with so much food.  Even the usual nightly overeating can cause insomnia or feeling tired the next day. It has proven that excessive concentration of “bad” cholesterol interferes with normal blood flow to male organs and interferes with testosterone synthesis.

  1. Quitting smoking is an important condition for improving potency.

Tobacco smoking in itself is not considered a healthy habit. In addition, if you look at the whole list of carcinogenic and other toxic components contained in tobacco smoke, you can make a logical conclusion about the danger of such a hobby. Due to the effect of these substances on the blood vessels of the male body, there is a significant decrease in the ability of erection.

  1. Reduce alcohol consumption.

Especially harmful is ethyl alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages; it affects the male reproductive system. In addition, with alcohol abuse, the risk of impotence can increase up to 70%, compared to abstainers.

  1. Reduce stress levels.

As you know, constant psycho-emotional stress in the long term can contribute to the development of male health disorders. Thus, to prevent an undesirable development of events, experts recommend learning how to defend against stress factors. The main thing is to rest a lot, distract from everyday worries and problems, and regularly relieve nervous tension with enough physical activity.