The most common myths about face masks

Of course, every woman wants to be attractive to her man and incredibly beautiful for her friends. Each of the fair sex does everything so that her beauty does not fade. To do this, they go to a beauty salon to professional masters for cosmetic procedures, hair or nail extensions, hair coloring. In some cases, it is maybe needed to visit the doctor of cosmetologists for treating some skin disease with specific drugs (such as Benoquin Cream, Differin).

The face is the main dignity of the girl. It is at it everyone looks at the first meeting. Of course, all women want their face to be pretty, of the correct form, with no acne, inflammation or unevenness. And if you can’t change point 1, then the second point is quite achievable. With the presence of masks for the face, you can make a very beautiful face. But will all of them lead to the proper effect, and will it not become worse than it is? If you decide to buy a face mask, you can filtering and choose it by skin type, product type and more.

Here are the top common myths about face masks:

1. The more often, the better

For some reason, many ladies decided that if they use the mask every day, the effect of its use will be 2 times stronger. This is the wrong opinion. If the skin is oversaturated with moisturizing and other trace elements, this will lead to the opposite situation. After all, women’s skin is like a flower of a delicate rose; in small quantities, water nourishes it, and it blooms. In large quantities, water will kill the plant.

2. The result of “here and now”

For some reason, many women, after applying the mask, wait for 15 minutes and washed it off with water, and immediately run to the mirror to see the result. It will not be. For the effect to appear, it must take more than 1 day, at least a week. Only with stability and constant care will the skin begin to respond to exposure.

3. Before the mask, just wash off the makeup with micellar water

This is not enough! In order for the mask to be effective, you need to prepare the skin for applying the mixture. Water has always been the best means of purification. Before applying the mask, it is not enough just to remove makeup, it is necessary to clean the skin and open the pores. To do this, wash with warm, clean water.

4. You need to wear the mask for a long time

No, this is not true. Having overexposed the mask on the face, the woman runs the risk of gaining even more skin problems. The fact is that after being saturated with useful substances, the skin will begin to give back this excess in the form of redness and rashes. Sometimes the situation gets out of control and the malfunction of the sebaceous glands in the body.

In order for the mask to give the desired effect, it is necessary to apply it on clean skin of the face, hold no more than 10-15 minutes and apply a maximum of 2 times a week.