TOP 3 best kinds of cereal

You never want to stand for hours at the stove. But this is not a reason to refuse the body to eat with maximum health benefits, without the risk of gaining extra pounds. So how to cook tasty and hearty dishes? Based on the advice of nutritionists, cosmetologists, and culinary specialists, we came to the unequivocal opinion that cereals should be the basis of the food pyramid.

Why is cereal in the diet an ideal solution?

Nutritionists’ advice

We organize a real banquet in our own body for yeast fungi, putrefactive bacteria and other microorganisms by improperly constructed nutrition. We want fast saturation and eat starchy carbohydrates, from which we get intestinal “salute” provoked by yeast. We strive to enrich the metabolism with essential amino acids in the form of kebabs and steaks and provoke rotting of protein foods.

Nutritionists advise to pay attention to cereals and be sure to include them in the recipes of their dishes.

  • cereals cover all the physiological needs of the body in macromolecules, vitamins, and minerals;
  • they are stored better than other products and do not provoke food poisoning;
  • go well with vegetables and fruits, allowing you to create real vitamin smoothies;
  • contribute to active peristalsis and cleansing the digestive tract from toxins.

Beauticians’ advice

For beauty skin, silky hair and a beautiful bronze tan, the body need vitamins B, E, A, C, trace elements zinc, selenium, copper and vegetable polysaccharide fiber. All these components are present in properly prepared cereals. No wonder cosmetologists call cereals natural multivitamin complexes.

Cooks’ advice

Groats do not require long and complicated cooking. You can cook them in any conditions – enough clean water and a heat source to heat it to a boiling point. And if earlier it took 30-40 minutes to cook cereals, now you can cook porridge in 5-10 minutes.

Ready-made cereals are good in hot and cold, go well with all possible products. From cereals, excellent independent dishes, side dishes, soup dressings, and even desserts are obtained.

What cereals should be included in your diet and why?

You should choose high-quality cereals, in the manufacture of which careful grain processing is performed, which allows you to save and bring to the consumer all the necessary and useful components.

“Top 3 best kinds of cereal” was compiled taking into account the optimal climatic conditions for growing raw materials, methods for processing it, the natural properties of the original plant and their significance for the human body.

No. 1. Buckwheat.

Buckwheat accumulates iron and phosphorus, in the content of which it surpasses all cereals. Buckwheat is a real natural hemoglobin protector.

No. 2. Rice.

It is with rice grits you can prepare delicate dishes. For example, fruit pilaf, apple casserole or berry mousse cream. On the Internet, you can take ready-made recipes or improvise yourself.

No. 3. Oatmeal.

Not at all in importance and value is oatmeal in third place in the ranking. This cereal is a recognized favorite and is especially valuable because it can be used to prepare healthy goodies that are convenient to take with you on a trip, on vacation.