Top 4 doctor phrases to alert the patient

When a person has a health problem, it is important to find a qualified doctor as soon as possible to help solve it. But unfortunately, as in any other field, there is an opportunity to meet an unscrupulous specialist. In this article, we will list 4 phrases, hearing which, look for another specialist as soon as possible!

  1. “We will conduct diagnostics on a device that allows you to identify any disease.”
    A diagnostic device that can detect any pathology does not exist, as well as there is no single cure for all diseases. A competent doctor makes a diagnosis based on a complex of laboratory and instrumental studies. Statements about the need to check on the some “magic” device, as a rule, precede the appointment of treatment with homeopathy, questionable procedures and other expensive, but ineffective methods associated with unofficial medicine.
  2. “You don’t need to know how we will treat you.”
    In the past, there was a paternalistic principle of doctor-patient communication, suggesting that informing the patient about the specifics of his illness and treatment options is harmful. This approach allowed doctors to literally decide the fate of patients without their knowledge and consent. Needless to say, this did not contribute to maintaining mutual trust between doctors and patients, especially in cases where treatment for some reason was ineffective. Today, the situation has changed radically. The doctor is obliged to provide his patients with complete and reliable information regarding their health status. If the doctor does not answer your questions and generally behaves as if you are preventing him from treating you, then find another specialist.
  3. “People of your Zodiac sign often have such ailments.”
    Outside of professional duties, a doctor, like any person, may have certain religious views, be a supporter of views that are not confirmed by official science. But this does not give him the right to explain the patient’s condition by belonging to a particular sign of the Zodiac, belonging to any religion, observing moral and ethical standards, etc. Such behavior is illiterate and unprofessional. No less doubtful are the references to the fact that the disease is caused by “acidification”, “alkalization” or “slagging” of the body. Terms of this kind are used by charlatans; science does not confirm these phenomena.
  4. “There are many hypotheses in your condition.”
    The patient goes to the doctor to use his professional knowledge and get expert advice. The more difficult the diagnostics, the less the patient is able to independently understand its results. Therefore, the doctor should not show the patient his doubts and too detailed about all the options for the origin of the disease. Such explanations only upset and frighten the patient, reduce the degree of his confidence to the specialist.

When talking with a doctor for the first time, the patient should be very attentive. This is not easy for the patient. However, you should focus and try to assess how professional the doctor is. If he does not inspire full confidence in you, do not hesitate, contact another specialist. This will help to avoid complications and increase the likelihood of your cure.