Useful sports for chronic bronchitis: running, walking, breathing exercises

Chronic bronchitis does not develop immediately. A person first develops acute bronchitis or is genetically predisposed to developing the disease. When bronchitis becomes chronic, the walls of the bronchi change. Their functionality is greatly reduced, but sometimes they perform all their functions. This causes a violent cough that becomes unbearable.

The cough first appears in the morning, then it begins to bother you day and night, intensifying in cold and wet weather. The person feels better only after coughing up sputum. The patient also begins to develop shortness of breath and asthma attacks. All this is due to the fact that the lumen in the bronchi narrows, which prevents the bronchi from passing air in sufficient quantities for the body. If the patient does nothing to improve his condition, then more serious diseases begin to develop.

With inflammation, it is desirable to prefer active types of exercise, but the intensity of exercise should alternate. Alternation of exercises causes hyperventilation of the lungs and bronchi. As a result, the condition of the respiratory system improves.

Exercise is prohibited in the presence of asthma attacks. If a person feels well, you can start running regularly. Running has a positive effect on the body if you follow these precautions:

  • Buy clothes and shoes designed for sports;
  • Learn the correct technique of running and warming up;
  • Quit smoking, drinking alcohol and other ways to harm your body;
  • Normalize your diet so that it becomes healthy and nutritious.

While running, you need to breathe properly to achieve a healing effect. If you breathe properly, you can provide adequate ventilation. Air begins to enter the lungs in greater quantities, and this helps to improve the condition of the whole organism.

Let’s consider other useful sports for chronic bronchitis:

  • Walking.

To maintain your health, it is not recommended to increase the pace of walking, especially at the beginning of training. This leads to the fact that a person gets tired quickly. However, you should not walk intentionally slowly. The optimal speed at which you will not only become energetic, but also enjoy walking – 4-5 km / h.

  • Sound gymnastics.

Sound exercises are sounds that are pronounced in different combinations and in a certain sequence. When sounds are uttered, the vibration of the vocal cords is transmitted to the bronchi and has a relaxing effect on the smooth muscles of the airways. All exercises are performed slowly, without stress.

Sound gymnastics should feel relief, not fatigue. Speak loudly and softly. You do not need to do exercises on an empty or full stomach.

This exercise has almost no contraindications, it is easy to perform. But this should be done according to strictly defined rules, depending on the purpose.

  • Breathing exercises.

This method increases activity and concentration, improves physical performance. Despite the fact that breathing exercises are performed for 30 minutes a day without much effort, the effect is felt immediately.

But note that all these exercises should be performed together with treatment (Bactrim DS, Levoquin). Otherwise, you will not achieve a pronounced effect.