What is erectile dysfunction?

According to medical terminology, erectile dysfunction is an inability to achieve and maintain an erection that supports complete sexual intercourse. In the past, this phenomenon was called impotence, but today this word does not use as outdated, and as condemning.

Erectile dysfunction (ED) has two diagnosed forms:

  • First – there is never an erection, sexual intercourse is not available;
  • Second – an erection sometimes happens, but it is not enough to complete sexual intercourse.

It should be understood that erectile dysfunction is a clear indication of a violation in the body. Stresses occupy a prominent position among the causes of ED since a long depressed state cannot but affect the attraction of a woman. In smokers, dysfunction develops by 20% more often than non-smokers.

There are two types of pathology:

  • Primary – person never had an erection that can support sexual intercourse.
  • Secondary – there were no problems before, but now a quarter of cases fail because an erection is not enough for full-fledged sex.

It should be understood that even a slight disorder is a signal for a visit to a doctor. Erectile dysfunction may also manifest itself as a symptom of other diseases and must be remembered that it is easier to prevent any illness than long afterward to deal with its manifestations.

Causes of erectile dysfunction

In the first place are organic causes. Then you can identify psychogenic (psychological) and mixed (organic and psychological) causes.

Dysfunction, called psychological, is inherent in a young age when a person is under the oppression of family problems and stress at work. The risk increases with alcohol, overweight and smoking cigarettes.
The particular enemy is overweight: if a man has a lot of fat, the level of testosterone in his body is reduced.

Prevention of erectile dysfunction

The rules for preventing pathology are universal and good by stopping the development of many other diseases. Thus, a man not only returns the joy of life but also fully supports the health of the body. To eliminate the disease factors are quite simple actions:

  • Increased physical activity – jogging, swimming, and contrasting showers.
  • Fresh air – at least just a half-hour walk in the park after work.
  • Proper nutrition – the benefits of this method cannot be overestimated.
  • Coffee and tea – to refuse, or at least to reduce consumption.
  • Alcohol and cigarettes – if possible, remove it all.
  • Stress – take all measures to minimize it.

Fortunately, there is progress in the development of new drugs such as Avana-100, Avana-50, which, importantly, begin to work only in the presence of a sexual stimulus.

Modern possibilities of therapeutic and surgical treatment allow coming to the reception in the clinic with erectile dysfunction and outcome as a healthy person. To date, among urologists, it is considered that a man suffering from a decrease in potency is simply a liar. No other options because this disease is being treated!