What physical activities are allowed for hypertension?

Before you start training, you should discuss this with your doctor so that he can schedule certain tests. These include ECG, blood pressure monitoring, laboratory tests and others to accurately determine the stage of the disease. Once your doctor gives permission, you will be able to start planning your workouts. The following points should be taken into account when drawing up the plan:

  • how much time you need to spend on one workout;

  • useful and contraindicated exercises;

  • how to understand that training should stop immediately.

To get all the benefits of sports, you should exercise at least three times a week. Before training, you should warm up with a gradual increase in intensity. If you need to train in the morning, you can start warming up right in bed. It is also necessary to knead all joints and ligaments.

You need to check your heart rate during exercise. It should not exceed 150 beats per minute. It will not be convenient to measure the heart rate manually. It is better to check the heart rate with a smart bracelet or watch with a heart rate function. You can set a signal to notify you that your heart rate has risen above the indicated level.

Despite all the limitations, the choice of sports remains huge. People with high blood pressure can walk and run, do aerobics, ride a bike and go skiing. Also, you can choose yoga, but focus only on those asanas that do not raise the heart rate.

All workouts are classified by type of exposure to aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic exercise is a cyclical dynamic movement, such as cycling or running. These exercises are usually performed in one rhythm from beginning to end, and the intensity is moderate. Anaerobic training is called strength training. Such exercises are aimed at growing muscles and increasing their strength.

People with high blood pressure are better off choosing aerobic exercise. Anaerobic sports can be practiced in the very early stages of the disease and only in the presence of a qualified coach. To keep your body in shape for hypertension, prefer the following sports:

  • Walking.

This is the best activity for patients with hypertension, as well as a pleasant and varied pastime. No need to go to the gym to walk. You can walk the route from home to work or to the store. It is useful to walk not only on flat terrain, but also to walk up the stairs. This is a good reason to stop using elevators.

One and a half to two kilometers will be enough for the first walks. If you feel well, you can increase not only the duration but also the speed of the walk. You need to strive to cover a distance of four kilometers per hour. It is important to constantly monitor your heart rate and adjust the intensity so that your heart rate is not too high.

  • Yoga.

It is important to choose the right asanas, and not to do those that can lead to a sharp increase in heart rate. Breathing exercises will be especially useful. But, when practicing yoga, you should not perform techniques that require you to hold your breath for a long time.

Moderate exercise and treatment with effective drugs like AFT-Metoprolol CR and Amlip will help to quickly normalize blood pressure!