3 tips that will protect you from SARS

In autumn and winter, more and more people think about how to protect themselves from diseases. So, let’s consider simple ways that will help you protect your body from colds and flu.

  1. Physical activity.

It is necessary to strengthen and improve the body with the help of morning warm-up, rowing, swimming, tourism, gymnastics, cycling. In order to be healthy, a person, in addition to healthy food, needs physical activity and fresh air. Nothing improves metabolism like an active lifestyle. It improves sleep and appetite, strengthens muscles, improves the health of all organs and systems, promotes faster removal of toxins from the body, and helps maintain a slim figure. In addition, the mood improves. And vice versa: a sedentary lifestyle leads to a slowdown in metabolism and circulation of biologically important substances in the body.

The famous athlete Ellen White wrote the following about the benefits of physical activity: “The only reason people get sick is because the blood doesn’t circulate as it should. In people who do not engage in physical exercises, the lungs are not ventilated with fresh air properly, so it is difficult for blood that is not sufficiently saturated with oxygen to move through the blood vessels. People get sick more often from neglecting exercise than from overwork.”

  1. Clothes.

In winter and autumn, it is advisable to wear comfortable, light, breathable clothes made of natural fabrics (cotton, wool, linen). Thanks to this, you won’t sweat, but you won’t get cold either. At least partially following this advice, you will protect your body from various infectious diseases, first of all, colds.

  1. Fresh air.

In today’s world, more and more people feel the need to spend time in nature. Some people even practice moving and ecovillage and downshifting. It will be noticed that such people began to catch colds less often. But not everyone can afford to do it. Many people have the dream of living in a house on the shore of a lake, but not everyone manages to make their wishes come true. Therefore, it is worth walking in the fresh air every day, without thinking about problems and worries. A thirty-minute walk will help improve immunity and prevent SARS or flu.

What to do if you catch a cold?

If you have symptoms of a cold, you must first determine whether it is a common cold or the flu. This is necessary, because different types of SARS require different treatment. You can find out whether you have the flu or a cold yourself with the help of express tests or at a consultation with your general practitioner. If you have the flu, you must take drugs such as Antiflu or Relenza.

Antiflu (Generic Oseltamivir) is used for the treatment and prevention of influenza (flu) in adults and children 1 year or older. Antiflu (Generic Oseltamivir) is a neuraminidase inhibitor. It attacks the influenza virus inside your body to stop it from spreading. Antiflu (Generic Oseltamivir) can be taken to prevent getting the flu, or if you already have the flu it can be taken to reduce the symptoms, decrease recovery time and prevent complications.

Relenza (Zanamivir) is used to treat flu infections caused by the influenza A or B virus. Its mechanism of action is blocking the viral neuraminidase.