8 ways to reduce the symptoms of general anxiety disorder

  1. Visit quiet, relaxing places.

People with general anxiety disorder have increased activity in the part of the brain that copes with fear. Quiet places usually help to relax. For example, nature walks have many health benefits and can reduce anxiety and stress.

Sometimes a change of location can help relieve the symptoms of anxiety disorder. For example, if you spent the whole day at home worrying, then an evening walk will help you relax.

  1. Listen to music or sing.

This is a good way to forget about anxiety for a while. If you listen to music or focus on singing, the excitement and anxiety disappear. When a person listens to music, the brain sends signals to the ears and distracts from anxious thoughts. Singing reduces stress levels and allows you to get rid of problematic emotions, it may seem that they come out with the voice through the larynx. In any stressful situation, try to sing a melody to yourself. This practice will help you calm down and reduce anxiety.

  1. Breathe fresh air.

Smell helps to create memories. Use your sense of smell to remember new calm and pleasant moments. Deep breathing can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and have a beneficial effect on health.

  1. Enjoy delicious food.

A tasty, unhurried meal can become a kind of ritual. Take your time and enjoy all the dishes: a cold appetizer, a main course, and then dessert. Enjoy every piece of your food and be grateful for everything you have. Slow eating can reduce stress.

Think only of the present moment and appreciate the energy you get from food. Focus on how you eat to forget about worries and not overeat due to inattention.

  1. Touch something nice.

A variety of sensations helps to cope with anxiety. Smooth, soft, cool, warm, any texture and temperature of things can be suitable to give you a feeling of calm. Try stroking the blanket with your hand like a pet to reduce anxiety and stress. If it is warm outside, go to the beach to touch the warm sand. It will bring you a feeling of peace and tranquility.

  1. Move.

Use energy to get rid of anxiety disorders. If you sit, emotions can intensify. Exercise is extremely good for your health. Walking and running help release endorphins. These hormones have a positive calming effect.

  1. Visit an experienced therapist or psychiatrist.

For general anxiety disorder, it is best to consult a specialist. If you are constantly tense, experiencing muscle pain and stiffness, you may need professional help and medication (such as Flunil or Fluox).

  1. Love yourself.

Personal problems can often affect your self-esteem. Unfortunately, during a period of general anxiety disorder, a person often scolds himself for being overly anxious. As a result, it lowers self-esteem and worsens the general condition. But it is worth realizing that anxiety is one of the natural aspects of life. Thus, a person can learn to manage it, rather than lowering their self-esteem because of this problem.