Massage for osteoporosis: types and features of the procedure

Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the human bones. They gradually become thinner, there are extremely unpleasant sensations, pain increases. At the same time, the load on the muscles increases, they have to perform the supporting function of the bones, which cease to cope with it.

Fractures, as well as increased fatigue and muscle tension, are common companions of osteoporosis. To avoid these unpleasant consequences, you will have to use complex treatments. These include not only taking special drugs (such as Osteofos and Premarin), but also physiotherapy.

Massage for osteoporosis affects almost the entire body, but special emphasis is placed on the spine. The procedure should be performed only by a specialist who knows well how to treat your body and the disease itself.

Massage is a proven method of general strengthening of the body, which eliminates many negative manifestations of the disease. But it is important to check the person’s condition and his immediate reaction. Strong pressure and shocks that can damage the bones should be completely avoided.

Regular visits to the masseur’s office for osteoporosis helps:

  • reduce nervousness. This is achieved by both muscle relaxation and the relaxing effect of manipulation.
  • improve blood circulation. This is the traditional effect of a proper massage. Blood flows to the tissues, ceases to stagnate. As a result, the risk of various types of comorbidities, as well as manifestations of inflammatory processes is reduced.
  • relax muscles. Relaxation is always associated with the normalization of blood circulation in the tissues of your body.
  • reduce fatigue. Many patients with osteoporosis complain of fatigue and tiredness. The massage procedure allows you to effectively get rid of it and increase the tone, which will increase efficiency and improve mood.
  • lower blood pressure. Blood pressure can also increase in osteoporosis and metabolic disorders, and massage reduces the load on the heart.
  • normalize metabolism. This is necessary to significantly improve the condition of your body and absorb nutrients.

People with osteoporosis are allowed the following types of massage:

  • Traditional. This manipulation helps to relieve pain as well as strengthen the spine as a whole. This method can be used for a variety of manifestations of the disease.
  • Swedish. The specialist performs active manipulations. The main points of influence are ligaments and muscles. Massage is aimed at restoring body mobility, relieving excessive stress in the affected areas. In addition, the use of this method has proved to be an effective method of reducing potential tissue atrophy in the body.
  • Reflex. It is based on segmental massage techniques. The process aimed at restoring metabolism in the body, as well as stabilizing blood flow.