Debunking 4 vitamin myths

These useful substances are the main element of human nutrition, without which a person cannot be healthy. Of course, vitamins cannot be seen, but their influence on our body cannot be overestimated. They are necessary for many processes, but primarily for digestion, improving the functioning of the nervous and endocrine systems, and regulating metabolism. Regular consumption of vitamins gives many positive benefits. But some people are still afraid that they can “overeat” vitamins and do not believe that taking supplements is useful. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and debunk the most popular myths about vitamins.

The first myth. A person cannot be completely sure that he has a lack of vitamins.

Despite the fact that each vitamin has a certain effect on each organ, the lack of an element can be recognized by certain signs:

– there is a feeling of drowsiness, irritability, decreased concentration, productivity and memory performance;

– often suffers from acute respiratory viral and bacterial diseases;

– visual impairment;

– dry skin;

– rash, itching and boils;

– bumps and cracks on the lips;

– bleeding gums when brushing teeth.

The second myth. If a person eats a balanced diet, he gets all the necessary vitamins and trace elements.

Unfortunately, this is a mistake. For example, to get the required amount of vitamin B1, you need to eat 1 kg of red meat per day. But it is impossible to eat so much meat, and you have to eat other foods. In addition, it is possible to say with confidence that only a few people eat a balanced diet. In addition, modern food is far from ideal, and sometimes it contains more harmful than useful elements.

The third myth. All the most important substances are contained in vegetables and fruits.

This is partly true. But eating a couple of apples and carrots cannot solve all problems. Vegetables and fruits actually have a lot of vitamin C and folic acid and that. But there are not so many other vitamins in them. To get such vitamins as K, E and B, you need to consume such food products as meat, liver, oil and eggs, milk and fermented milk products, cereals.

The fourth myth. Supplements are not identical to natural vitamins and are therefore less useful. Vitamins from natural products are better absorbed.

This is a myth. There are supplements that are completely similar to natural products. Moreover, the ratio of vitamins in tablets can be completely balanced and meet the needs of the body, as for example in Chela-Ferr Forte. In addition, it is impossible to cure anemia without this or a similar drug. The process of manufacturing such drugs has long been known and guarantees effectiveness. In addition, ascorbic acid in tablets (for example, Gold-Vit C 1000 Forte) is stored better and longer than in vegetables. Also, after eating fruit, the body needs to extract the useful substances before absorbing them. For people with gastrointestinal diseases, this can be problematic.