How not to catch a cold in the spring

How not to catch a cold in the spring

Especially in the spring, the human body is weak and there is a high possibility of catching a cold. Many people take vitamins or special remedies to prevent colds, but this is not enough to save your body from colds, so it is necessary to follow some rules, with which you will strengthen your immunity and protect your body from diseases.

How to protect yourself from flu, colds and other diseases?

First of all, in order not to get colds and flu, you need to follow a healthy diet, as the human body is very weak in the spring and needs, above all, healthy products. It is necessary to include vegetable and animal proteins in the diet (100 g of protein per day is quite enough), as they have a positive effect on blood circulation, contribute to synthesis processes, and in addition increase bone strength. In addition to proteins, fats also have a positive effect on the body. Useful fats are found in butter and vegetable oil. Fruits also play an important role for the body, as they contain a lot of vitamins. Such fruits as apples, tangerines, persimmons, pomegranates, as well as juices from these fruits are very useful. And the most useful are fruits that are grown in your country and that they are not exotic or greenhouse.

It is not recommended to consume such products as chips and various types of fast food in the spring, as they contain harmful substances and do not contain substances useful for our body at all. It is best to give up these products or replace them with, for example, fruits, vegetables, meat broth, dairy products, which have a beneficial effect on our body.

Vitamin complexes will help you get rid of vitamin deficiencies. The composition must contain ascorbic acid, because it best strengthens immunity and reduces the risk of catching a cold. You can buy high-quality vitamin C pills at this link.

In ancient times, for the treatment of flu and colds, people used various folk remedies, among which tinctures made from healing herbs, such as rose hips, lemon balm extract, lemon, as well as onion and garlic, were particularly effective.

In today’s world, doctors and scientists strongly recommend getting vaccinated against the flu, because it helps not only to reduce the risk of getting the flu, but also to prevent other forms of this disease. It has been repeatedly proven that vaccination is the most effective means. People who are vaccinated are satisfied with the result and do not get sick for a long time.

If a person is sick with the flu, it is necessary to take special antiviral drugs, such as Antiflu. It is used for the treatment and prevention of influenza (flu). If you already have the flu it can be taken to reduce the symptoms and decrease recovery time.