Fast food. Why is it harmful?

Probably everyone knows that “fast food” is harmful. However, people rarely think about WHY it is harmful. What is hiding under the name “fast food”? What are the popular dishes belonging to this group? What is their effect on the human body in the long run? Perhaps the answers to these questions will cause you to never want to eat a purchased hamburger or Chinese noodles again.

“Fast food” is a group of products (dishes) that are prepared quickly and sold to customers for (most often) not very big money. It is offered as restaurants located in different countries, as well as small cafes. 3 factors contribute to the growing popularity of “fast food”: the low price of food, short wait for the ordered lunch and a large number of cafes offering all kinds of fast food. Of course, the efforts of marketers also make a significant contribution.

Fast food is not just about burgers

Most often, this type of food is associated with a hamburger – a patty with sauce, spices, vegetables and cutlet. However, there are its variations (cheeseburger, fishburger) and many others dishes. But, you must understand that other dishes also belong to this category:

  • French fries,
  • Pizza,
  • Tortilla,
  • Hot Dog,
  • Sandwich
  • Tacos.

Unfortunately, all these products have high calorie content, high content of poor quality fat, simple carbohydrates and salt. At the same time, there is very little fiber, vitamins and minerals there.

Fast food and calorie content

This is a very high-calorie meal. The sandwich has a caloric content of 250-300 kcal. Of course, the problem is not only in calories and not so much in them. Calories and fats in fast food are not balanced by enough healthy ingredients like vegetables that contain vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

Recent publications on this subject indicate that it is better not to even be interested in “hidden” ingredients; otherwise there will be a desire to the manufacturer. Unfortunately, this is true. Soy protein, flavorings, dyes can turn into a very appetizing-looking cutlet thanks to modern chemists and chefs.

What threatens the consumption of fast food?

In constant haste, you don’t think about what you eat. Meanwhile, such food contains fatty substances that have undergone repeated heat treatment and have taken dangerous forms. Studies have shown that such trans fats are carcinogens that contribute to the development of atherosclerosis, increase cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Not to mention that carcinogens themselves are substances that contributes to the formation of cancerous tumors in the body.

A high glycemic index, excessive amounts of sugar or excess salt can hold water in the body, increase blood pressure and contribute to the development of diabetes – all this is not at all good for health and contributes to obesity.

For all those who love all sorts of hamburgers, pizza and other dishes from the above list, there is the only acceptable and wonderful solution. Cook it all yourself. Then all the dishes will be natural, moderately salty and certainly fresh. In addition, you can control the quantity and quality of each ingredient used.