First aid in case of overeating

Each of us is a bit of a gourmet, and when we find ourselves in a beautiful festive table with a wide range of dishes, we can not restrain ourselves from trying it all. But all these “only one spoon” and “few bits” result in the severity and pain of stomach, nausea, poor health or bloating. And all because we overeat and understand it is too late.

First aid in case of overeating

The first thing that usually comes to mind when we overeating – blame yourself and start the next day fasting or cause vomiting. This is precisely what we do not have to do! The stimulation of vomiting in cases of frequent overeating can turn into serious illness – bulimia. In addition, it can cause a chronic disorder of eating behavior in the future. Other things, the cleaning enema, and laxatives will not affect the effects of overeating and can provoke person for frequent use of them. So let’s do without experiments! If you suffer from systematic and uncontrolled overeating – you should seek help from doctors! If this happens occasionally, for example, only during holidays, then the consequences can be handled by ourselves.

To solve the problem, it must first be realized. If you understand that you have overeaten, then do not try to put into yourselves another “piece”. Drink water, but drink less alcohol. If you are full of strength, start moving right away – easy dancing, walking. moderate physical activity will speed up the exchange processes. But you can not make sharp movements, inclinations, lifting the weight – all this is fraught with flatulence or umbilical hernia.

If there are lethargy and weakness, then do not force yourself to get up and do something. Better to relax, take the position half-bed, make a belly massage without a strong push to improve the intestinal motility.

For the same purpose, you can make special breathing exercises. Stand straight and stretch your hands up so that there is only a natural deflection in the spine. Hold in such a position, relax your stomach when inhaling, while exhaling, pull it in. This leads the organs of the gastrointestinal tract to a tone. After 30 minutes, drink a cup of warm tea. Also, in such cases, chewing gum may be effective. Chewing movements contribute to the development of gastric juice for the earliest digestion of food.

If the effects of overeating are stronger (you feel pain or nausea), then the stomach needs extra help.

Here Panlipase can help you. It is a fermenting drug – it contains additional enzymes that do not have time to outcome from pancreas for digestion in overeating person. Particularly well, they help with the overeating of fat or “exotic” (unusual for your normal diet) food. It is not possible to take these drugs systematically, otherwise, the pancreas will cease to independently produce the necessary enzymes.