headache massage

Headache massage

Everyone gets a headache from time to time. And all people are used to a variety of painkillers, which they immediately take, without thinking about how to relieve pain without drugs. Head massage is an ancient and, most importantly, effective tool in the fight against migraines and other types of pain.

As a rule, the cause of headache is muscle tension. And it can be removed using various massage techniques.

If the headaches are chronic, then most likely you have serious problems, and you should make an appointment with a chiropractor, he will help you choose the appropriate massage and reflexology techniques to relieve you of constant pain.

If the headache is periodic and infrequent, try acupuncture massage. This is the effect of hands on certain areas on the head. It should be remembered that these areas are very sensitive, so do not press too hard. Pressing should be light. If discomfort occurs during the massage, it is better to stop.

Massage technique

First, massage your forehead. Place your fingers (index and middle) above your eyebrows. “Draw” lines vertically and diagonally to the middle of the forehead. Then, with the same movements, massage from the middle to the hair growth line. Massage each area twice. Movements should not be abrupt.

Temporal area. Gently press the temples with your palms, make circular movements Simultaneously on both sides – six circles clockwise and six counterclockwise.

The base of the skull. You need to put your thumbs on the bones behind the ears. And massage the base of the skull to the middle in circular motions. Do three repetitions.

Neck. Tilt your head forward. Place your palm on the back of your neck. Press this area while inhaling. Exhale slowly and then stop pressing. Thus, it is necessary to massage all parts of the neck, three times.

Perhaps during the massage you will feel that some areas are stressed more than others. Most likely, they are the cause of pain. Take a breath, on the exhale, press harder on the problem areas. After counting to seven, stop pressing on this area. You can repeat this technique several times.

Such a massage can be done at home, in the office, in transport, in the theater. Almost anywhere you have a headache. After a relatively short time, about ten minutes, you will feel much better. And the need for painkillers may disappear. However, in some cases, it is still necessary to take painkillers. One of the most popular and effective drugs are Brufen and Panadol. They are used to treat pain which is mild to moderate in nature. Medical studies have demonstrated their effectiveness in controlling and relieving pain. But remember that these drugs are aimed at reducing pain at the time of administration and do not affect the progression of the disease.

It is worth noting that the massage will not be effective if: you have a high temperature, infectious disease, dehydration, hangover, spine problems.