Healthy Skin

Unfortunately, in today’s world, it is increasingly difficult to maintain a healthy skin condition. The skin as a mirror “reflects” the state of a person’s physical health and emotional mood. Adverse environmental influences, sedentary lifestyle, unbalanced diet, bad habits, drinking alcohol, lack of sleep, stress at work and in personal life lead to disorders in the body and, accordingly, negative changes in a person’s appearance.

In order for the skin to be healthy, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet. There should be many healthy foods in the diet, including fish (if you are not allergic to it). But it is advisable not to eat sweets and pastries.

To maintain elasticity, it is important to consume a sufficient amount of liquid.

It has been proven that bad habits contribute to the appearance of wrinkles. Under the influence of nicotine and tobacco smoke, small skin vessels narrow, blood supply slows down; tissues suffer from hypoxia and lack of nutrients. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity and becomes flabby. If a person wants to maintain a healthy appearance, he should give up smoking.

Also, you need to get rid of such a harmful factor as stress. Under the influence of stress, anxiety increases, insomnia and unwanted wrinkles appear. It is important for a person to distract himself from his problems and spend time with pleasure (for example, it can be an interesting book, an evening walk, needlework or something else).

Dermatologists recommend protecting the skin from excessive exposure to sunlight. It is known that as a result of tanning, under the influence of UV rays, wrinkles and age spots appear, collagen is destroyed and skin cancer can develop. Therefore, do not use sunlamps or tanning salons. Also, don’t forget to use sunscreen, for example, Actinica. If age spots have appeared on your skin, use Eukroma. This cream is a skin-bleaching agent that is used to lighten areas of darkened skin. It works by decreasing the production and increasing the breakdown of melanosomes (melanin pigment granules) in the skin’s pigment cells (melanocytes). It does this by inhibiting the activity of tyrosinase, the enzyme needed to make melanin. In most cases, skin lightening should be seen after 4 weeks of treatment.

Many women are unhappy with their bodies if they have warts, moles or age spots. Moles that you don’t like and warts can be removed, the main thing is that it is done by an experienced specialist, a dermatologist. In no case do not try to get rid of moles yourself!

The use of heaters in the winter season leads to drying of the air, which, in turn, leads to excessive dryness of the skin. A moisturizing cream will help to cope with this condition.

To protect the skin from the adverse effects of weather conditions, a nourishing cream should be applied to the skin before going outside. And for a walk, wear a scarf or a handkerchief. If your skin is irritated and flaky, you need to use a soothing balm.