How to improve vision at home

Which organ provides a person with the most information? The answer is obvious – it’s the eyes. People try to trust their own eyes all their lives, but sooner or later most people develop various eye diseases, for example, near-sightedness, farsightedness, glaucoma, dry eye syndrome, etc. How to prevent this? How to maintain or improve eyesight? What can be done at home without seeking the help of an ophthalmologist?

Undoubtedly, a balanced diet can have a significant positive effect on vision, and a number of products consumed over a long period of time will help to avoid another visit to the eye doctor. But, you need to eat such products often and a lot. There are dietary supplements (for example, Bilberry with Lutein or Bilberry-MIC) that simplify this task, they contain Bilberry extract. This berry improves blood supply to the retina, and its content of vitamins C, B1, B2 is very high. Bilberry is well known for its ability to support visual clarity and retinal function. Bilberry anthocyanosides provide antioxidant support for the eyes, the health of which may be compromised by free radical damage. Fish (omega 3 fatty acids), greens (antioxidants) and citrus fruits (vitamin C) are also very useful for the eyes.

By the way, these same products were used by our ancestors to treat eye diseases. So-called folk remedies include lotions with honey, herbal collections such as horsetail or aloe (applied to the eyes in case of eye fatigue and various painful sensations), drinking nettle or raspberry infusion.

American ophthalmologist Bates developed a special system for improving vision, which was called palming. While doing it, you should relax as much as possible, it is especially important to relax your head, neck and spine. It is also necessary to think only about positive events. After that, try to place your warm palms on your face so that the pads of your fingers touch the bridge of your nose. After a while, look at any color, it should be black. This technique is aimed at normalizing the mental state and maintaining eyesight during fatigue and long-term work.

Do not forget about simple exercises, which are popularly called eye gymnastics:

– look from side to side several times;

– look diagonally in different directions and at the perimeter of imaginary other geometric figures;

– alternation of closed eyes and relaxation of open eyes;

– frequent blinking;

– look alternately at far and near objects;

– it is also useful to look at the green color and some other pictures recommended by doctors.

Eastern doctors know certain places on the human body that can be massaged to improve the health of the whole body. So, massaging in a circle around the eyes, as well as massaging the left foot near the second toe, helps maintain and improve vision.

If you want to improve the blood flow to the eyeballs, you can try different yoga poses, for example the plow pose, for beginners Sarvangasana is suitable. It is necessary to perform these exercises, making sure that there are no contraindications.