5 Common First Aid Mistakes

5 Common First Aid Mistakes

No one is immune from various accidents, so it is very important to know how to properly provide first aid. Unfortunately, not many people know about this, and those who think that they “know everything” are usually unaware of the irreparable harm they can cause to another person.

In this article, let’s consider 8 of the most common mistakes to remember in order to avoid harm to the patient.

So, what should you never do when you provide first aid?

An open wound should never be treated with brilliant green or iodine. These alcohol-containing substances can cause a chemical burn, as a result of which the wound heals for a very long time. Also, these substances increase the risk of scarring. These solutions are used only for small scratches. To treat a large open wound, it is best to first use plain water, and then apply a gauze bandage to the damaged area. After that, it is recommended to apply an antibiotic cream, for example, Soframycin Cream.

Do not apply oil to burns. The oil has the ability to “envelop” the wound with a film, as a result of which oxygen does not enter the burned area of the skin. Therefore, the pain will intensify, and the wound will not heal for a long time. If a person is burned, it is best to cool the burn under cold running water, and if the burn is large, after cooling, a sterile bandage should be applied to the wound and seek help from a medical facility. Later, it is necessary to apply creams that promote healing of the burn site and may have antimicrobial properties, for example, Providine-AM Ointment.

In no case should the frostbitten area be rubbed, as many people do after a long stay in the cold. Due to severe hypothermia, the vessels tend to constrict, and blood circulation slows down, as a result, the vessels become too “fragile”. If you are cold, it will be good to warm up in a warm room and drink hot herbal tea with sugar. Also remember that it is best to avoid drinking alcohol.

Don’t wear a lot of clothes when you have a fever. When a person has a fever, the perception of temperature is disturbed. Therefore, many people feel that they are cold. This feeling arises as a consequence of the difference in temperature in the room and body temperature. Therefore, the body seems to freeze. If a person dresses warmly, then the heated body is unable to cool properly, and as a result, the temperature does not normalize. What to do in this case? It is necessary to open a window if it is not very cold outside and apply a damp cool towel to your forehead. You may also need to take certain antipyretic medications, such as Panadol, as directed by your doctor.

If your nose is stuffed up, don’t warm it up. Many people remember how their grandmothers advised to apply heat to the bridge of the nose. But, in fact, this heating is dangerous! After all, with the development of a severe runny nose, the vessels dilate, and edema forms in the nose. Heat enhances it. Therefore, heating can provoke inflammation, and worsen the outflow of mucus. With a severe cold, the vessels must be narrowed; for this task, cold drops are used, for example, Efcorlin.