How to keep your hair healthy

Many people dream of having beautiful and healthy hair. However, not everyone knows what to do to make his hair look like that. This article will help you to learn the basic rules, thanks to which you can make your hair very beautiful.

The first rule is that any hair must be cared for correctly and according to its type. It is necessary to apply conditioner to the hair every time after washing. After each wash, you need to use a conditioner in the form of a spray that does not need to be washed off. Also, you need to apply a mask every week; this will give your hair additional nutrition.

The second rule is to rinse your hair with cold or barely warm water. Hot water is harmful to hair. Hair must be washed thoroughly; there should be no shampoo residue on it.

The third rule is to regularly apply hair masks. It is necessary to apply a moisturizing mask to the hair every week. The mask is applied with a comb along the entire length of the hair, and then the hair is washed after 5 minutes.

The fourth rule – in order for the hair to be healthy, it is necessary to follow a healthy diet, consume a variety of food rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber. This will give the hair the nutrition it needs. The health of hair, skin and the whole body in general deteriorates significantly if a person follows strict diets.

The fifth rule – remember that wet hair is more vulnerable, it is very easy to damage it. Never brush wet hair. Before you start styling, you should separate and straighten your hair with your fingers or a fine-toothed comb.

The sixth rule – it is necessary to do a haircut regularly. Hair should be cut every two months. There is no need to make a short haircut, it is enough to shorten the hair by a few millimeters. When choosing a master, pay attention to where he studied, what awards he has.

The seventh rule – use sunscreen. Everyone knows that ultraviolet rays harm hair; it adversely affects their condition and structure. Hair can become dry and brittle. In the summer, you should use appropriate sunscreens and wear hats. One such product is a conditioner that is applied after washing the hair and does not require rinsing.

The eighth rule – indoor tanning is as harmful as tanning under the sun. After visiting a solarium, hair can become dry and dull, and more brittle.

The ninth rule – choose a hair brush according to your needs. In order to add volume to the hair, you should use a round brush. However, a massage brush improves blood circulation and makes it easier to comb hair.

The tenth rule is one of the most important. You should not only buy a brush, but also learn how to use it correctly. You need to comb your hair thoroughly. If it is very tangled, then first you need to comb the ends. Hair conditioners significantly simplify this task.

The eleventh rule – if you have dandruff, treat it. In addition to reducing your attractiveness, dandruff is a medical problem. Therefore, if you notice itching, scaling and flaking associated with dandruff, use special shampoos and solutions that will help get rid of this problem, such as Sebizole or Arcolane.