Prevention of malaria

Malaria is a parasitic tropical disease characterized by attacks of fever, anemia, enlargement of the liver and spleen, sometimes hemolytic jaundice. In a severe course, complications may develop coma, infectious-toxic shock, acute renal failure, blood clotting, pulmonary edema, psychosis, etc.

The pathogens of malaria are unicellular microorganisms of the genus Plasmodium, which is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy by mosquito bite (this is the main route of infection transmission). Parasites, getting into the human body, circulate in the blood, and then entered into the liver, in which cells they develop.

For the prevention of malaria, a week prior before going to the tropical country should begin regular reception of an antimalarial drug (Doxy-50 Acne Pack, Doxycycline), which will provide protection of the body. The course of drug should be continued throughout the period of stay in tropical countries and one month after returning to the homeland.

With the onset of the summer holidays, the flow of people traveling on tourist trips to countries with tropical climate increases. But that the rest of the holiday was not obscured by the disease, it is necessary to know about measures of prevention of the most widespread diseases, with pathogens which is possible to meet. In the case of the appearance of the primary symptoms of the disease should be timely recognize them. Before preparing for a trip, you need to contact a doctor and get complete information on the prevention of dangerous tropical diseases, such as malaria.

The hidden period of tropical malaria lasts from a week to one month, in other forms – up to 2-3 years. That is, getting sick with malaria can be a year after returning from a trip.

Some people are sustained to malaria. It is a population of countries with tropical and subtropical climate – countries of Africa, South and Central America, Asia.


The disease begins acutely: there is headache, fever, raises body temperature to 39-40C and above, may be abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, and skin rash. There are possible disorders of consciousness, delirium, hallucinations. The fever may precede general ailment, muscle aches, joint pain. After several hours (usually 6-8 hours) the attack ends – the patient heavily sweats, feels weak. Sometime after the onset of the disease, a clear periodicity of the attacks is established. That is if there is a clear repetition of such attacks after a certain time – every day (in a day or two days), one should think about a possible malaria disease. The total duration of malaria paroxysm is 6-12 hours, with tropical malaria can be delayed to a day or more.

At the first signs of the disease should immediately consult a doctor.

It is also recommended to use mosquito bites protection:

  • Dress in dense, closing, light tones clothing when leaving the house after sunset
  • Close windows and doors with a grid or gauze
  • Before bedtime, treat the room with aerosol insecticides
  • Use electric fumigators