Why does thrush (vaginal candida) occur after the stress?

The nervous system is the same part of the body as the cardiovascular, digestive, reproductive and others. Nervousness and anxiety inevitably lower the local immunity of various organs, this confirmed by many psychosomatic studies.

Vaginal candidiasis happens at least once in life of every woman. It especially worries women dissatisfied with the quality of their lives, inclined to total control of themselves and loved ones. The main symptoms of a fungal infection are burning of the intimate are and characteristic vaginal discharge with unpleasant smell.

This phenomenon is physiological. Stressful situations go with by an increased release of the hormone cortisol. Excessive amounts of it cause an increase in blood sugar and blood pressure, and lower immunity. All these consequences of experiences create favorable conditions for the reproduction of yeast, which provokes the appearance of candidiasis. With normal comfortable living conditions, these microorganisms live on all mucous membranes of our organs without causing discomfort.

In addition, a regular excess of this stress hormone in the blood can significantly worsen the state of women’s health and lead to various diseases:

  • digestive system: most often there are problems with a stool, increased appetite. Person wants unhealthy high-calorie food to decreases stress. But if these are sweets, then it further increases sugar levels and disrupts the intestinal microflora, and this is favorable conditions for the multiplication of candida fungi;
  • cardiovascular system: manifested by high blood pressure;
  • reproductive system: due to hormonal changes, vaginal candidiasis most often appears.

Because stress negatively affects the immune system, during it, chronic diseases exacerbate, and the body becomes much more susceptible to infections.

In addition, prolonged being in a state of stress has the following consequences:

  • nervousness, irritability, aggression;
  • bad mood, tearfulness;
  • sleep disturbance: even with drowsiness, it is not easy for a woman to fall asleep;
  • decreased libido, intimacy does not bring pleasure.

 Prevention of vaginal candidiasis:

  • maintaining a healthy lifestyle;
  • elimination of stressful situations and strengthening of general well-being;
  • compliance with the rules of personal hygiene.

The main problem is that vaginal candidiasis can become chronic. Thus, it is important to pay attention to mental health. Relaxing procedures, positive emotions, healthy sleep, abstinence from alcohol, cigarettes and excessive coffee consumption are the main factors contributing to the restoration and strengthening of the central nervous system and immunity.