Herpes viruses: what you need to know?

Herpes viruses are a group of viruses that in most cases do not pose a threat to human health. But some of them (science knows exactly about 8 types) are still dangerous for health and sometimes human life.

The most common way of infecting is the transmission of the virus in the air – through direct contact (for example, kisses) or indirectly (sneezing, coughing). It should be noted that the sexual, transplacental (intrauterine) ways of transmission of the virus also have a significant contribution. There are rare cases but still found in medical practice – infection with herpes virus by blood transfusion.

Symptoms, treatment and severity

Symptoms for herpes viral infection are variable and depend on many factors, in particular, on the state of the immune system, comorbidity, patient’s age. It should be noted that often in people with weakened immunity, herpes viral infection is the most difficult. So, there are cases when banal herpes on the lip is transformed into a herpetic sore throat with a severe course and serious painful sensations in the area of ​​the mouth area.

It is very difficult to control the herpes virus in little children and persons with immune disorders. Infection during pregnancy, especially in the early terms, is very dangerous both for the health of the pregnant woman and for the child. Pregnancy may be at risk as a result of an exacerbation of genital herpes.

As for the first, and for the second type of herpes simplex, a characteristic symptom is an appearance on the skin of mucous vesicles filled with liquid contents. There are data that show that infection with herpes type 4 can provoke a number of symptoms characteristic of hematological diseases, in particular, an increase of regional lymph nodes. Cytomegalovirus can occur as an acute respiratory disease. In more advanced cases, symptoms such as pain in the eye area may occur.

The appearance of various rashes, causing itching, in particular, painful blisters in the skin and mucous membranes of the face, genitalia, prolonged rise in body temperature, a feeling of fatigue not associated with physical exertion – all these symptoms require attention from the doctor.

Despite the fact that today there are further searches for effective treatment of herpes, there are still a number of methods of antiviral and immunomodulatory therapy, contributing to an easier course of the disease and correction of the immune status of the human body. The drug used to treat herpes is called Aciclovir or Acivir.

How to care for the skin of the lips with herpes?

Herpes affects her lips most often. That’s why proper lip skin care for an unpleasant problem is one of the important steps on the way to healthy skin. It is important to apply emollients and cream with Aciclovir (Acivir Cream) to the entire lip area, the tasks of whose are to maintain and restore the protective layer of the skin and destroy the virus. When cleaning the skin of the lips, use hypoallergenic cosmetics.