weight loss

Rules of healthy eating and weight loss

Probably, every person has somehow thought about the question: what to eat in order to lose weight? What should a modern person eat during the day, and how does the diet differ from what was recommended 20-30 years ago? So, let’s consider this topic.

In the past, people physically worked much more than in the modern world – handwashing (sometimes even in cold water in winter), taking care of pets, cooking – all this was much more difficult and took much more time than now. A person had to get up at 4-5 a.m., heat the stove, feed livestock and do many other things until late at night. And there were people who had to walk 9 km to work every day. Of course, they didn’t even think about the calories eaten at lunch and whether their body would burn them for the day.

In today’s world, people have automatic washing machines, very convenient lightweight irons, hobs, multicookers, and vacuum cleaners. Because of this, it is necessary to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Changing your habits and changing your eating behavior is really hard work. Mostly, people eat the same way they ate as children, for example, they have a dinner of fried potatoes and steak, also eat a couple of pieces of bread, and drink tea with cookies and sweets. Forcing yourself to eat something else instead of these foods or at least add a vegetable salad to dinner can be difficult.

But we must pay tribute to modern slender girls who motivated themselves and managed to acquire new skills, to change themselves, not without problems and stress, but with the achievement of the desired goal. Most likely, among your acquaintances there is even such a person who made an effort, worked on himself and with the help of a healthy lifestyle lost weight, became healthier and got rid of food addiction.

Among all the cases, a number of patterns can be traced, which undoubtedly lead to positive results and changes in the figure. Let’s consider these patterns, which are essentially called one simple phrase – healthy food and a healthy lifestyle. There are not so many of them.

1) You must keep a food diary. Every day, write down in detail everything you ate during the day. Why do you need to do this – to understand and explain to yourself exactly what you eat, how many products you consume per day.

2) During the day there should be 6 meals, no more and no less. And there should be 2.5-3 hours between each meal. During this time, the body digests everything eaten and becomes ready for the next meal.

3) 30-40 minutes before each meal, you need to drink 1 glass of clean still water at room temperature. This will allow the body to speed up all metabolic processes. Also, due to the fact that water will enter your stomach, you will eat less.

4) To speed up weight loss and not lose motivation, take drugs that help decrease weight by preventing the absorption of dietary fat into the body, for example, Orligal or Vyfat. These drugs should be used along with a low-fat, low-calorie diet and a proper exercise program to help people lose weight.