get rid of a cold quickly

Tips to help you get rid of a cold quickly

It seems that yesterday you were cheerful and full of energy, but today, when you wake up in the morning, you have a nasty runny nose and a red throat. Have you ever had such a situation? On a visit to the doctor, he will say that you have ARVI; you need to stay at home, drink tea and in some cases medicine. Remember that for acute respiratory viral infections, the medicine should be taken only if you have intoxication or high fever (for example, Brufen), or if you have the flu. In this case, it is absolutely necessary to take antiviral drugs, such as Amantrel.

Therefore, it is better to protect yourself from any colds in autumn. But if you catch a cold, the following folk medicine recipes will help you recover as quickly as possible and, as a pleasant bonus, save the family budget.

Note that the vessel in which you prepare the infusion should be made of materials such as clay, glass or stainless steel. It is not necessary to make medicine in large quantities, it is better to make a new one after a couple of days. Infusions are taken internally only warm. They should not be heated! Instead, you can dilute it with hot water. Keep for no more than two days. Important: it is better to infuse in a dish wrapped in something (for example, a towel) so that it stays warm longer. You should not start taking infusions in large quantities. It is necessary to let the body get used to the new means of treatment. Below are the recipes with the dosage for an adult. Children can take them from the age of twelve, but in smaller quantities.

So let’s consider these recipes:

1) To get rid of a sore throat and reduce swelling, you can use an infusion from a pharmacy alteum. To prepare the infusion, you will need 20 grams of althea flowers (the leaves are also quite useful) and half a liter of water. You need to boil the flowers for five minutes. The solution should be infused for a couple of hours (covered with a lid), and then the liquid should be filtered. Gargle with this infusion as needed.

2) With sore throat, apple cider vinegar will help relieve pain and reduce inflammation. The recipe is very simple: one spoonful of vinegar per glass of boiled water. You should gargle no more than four times a day. Just follow the proportions and do not use regular vinegar instead of apple cider vinegar!

3) Pink cornflower will help you protect your body from colds and strengthen your immunity. It is necessary to pour one spoonful of its flowers with half a liter of boiling water, then infuse and filter this solution. A universal remedy for recovery is ready! To get rid of the symptoms of tonsillitis, you need to drink a little infusion every hour, but during a cold (and better for prevention), you can replace tea with this infusion. It is better to add honey or sugar to the infusion, because cornflower is a bitter plant and it is almost impossible to force a child to drink it without any additives. If the infusion is taken for several months, the child will get rid of sore throat.