The most common makeup mistakes

With the help of makeup, you can emphasize the beauty of the eyes and face. But if you neglect some rules, you can nullify the effect of bright and delicate makeup. In addition, some makeup mistakes can cause certain skin and eye diseases. Let’s consider a list of some mistakes that women make when applying makeup.

  • Do not even out skin tone. The skin of the face is like a canvas, and it should be perfectly even. Do not neglect the use of concealer and foundation to cover dark circles, acne, post-acne or age spots. A make-up base will help to hide small wrinkles and enlarged pores.
  • Do not treat acne. Just covering acne does not solve the problem, because acne is a skin disease. Topical antibiotics and retinoids, such as Cleocin or A-Ret Gel, are used to get rid of acne. Cleocin belongs to a class of medicines called lincomycin antibiotics. It helps to inhibit and prevent the growth of the bacteria that cause acne, while also reducing inflammation. A-Ret Gel is also prescribed to treat acne. It is one of a family of drugs called Retinoids. This drug prevents pimples and heals existing pimples. It can also be used to reduce facial lines and sun spots.
  • Apply too much foundation and choose the wrong shade. Often, wanting to cover dark circles around the eyes or acne, women apply too much foundation instead of using concealer locally. Because of this, the skin ages faster and rashes appear.
  • Neglecting the use of blush. Tonal cream, evening out the tone, can make the face pale. Blush will highlight the cheekbones, and peach-pink tones will refresh the complexion and give you a healthy look.
  • Do not blend your makeup. All the products you apply – foundation, powder, eye shadow, blush – should be well blended and have no clear boundaries. Without blending, all makeup products will look like untidy spots on the face.
  • Line the eyes with black eyeliner. This technique is good if you are the lucky owner of almond-shaped eyes, in other cases, such eyeliner will make your eyes smaller.
  • Make too bright make-up. Not all beauty trends are suitable for real life, in fact, many of them look strange, for example, black lipstick, bright pink blush are suitable for studio photo shoots, but not for work in the office.
  • Excess mascara. Some women who want to have long eyelashes apply too much mascara, and because of this, the eyelashes stick together, the mascara smudges, and the eyes look tired. Use an eyelash primer and apply mascara in two layers, no more.
  • Using blush of unnatural shades. Remember the main function of blush is to give a natural blush to your face, and natural blush cannot be brown or plum colored.
  • Trying to change the shape of the lips with lip liner and lipstick. In 99 percent of cases, it will look ugly. Above the upper lip, be sure to apply lip liner as close as possible to the natural contour.
  • Applying blush under the cheekbones. Blush should be applied to the “apples” of the cheeks. To contour the face, use bronzer or powder of a darker shade.